Meet the Team


Photo of Founder and Director Sundar Pinninty and his wife and co-founder Dr Sarah Pinninty Mr Sundar S Pinninty, BA, BA (Hons), MA. Founder and director, FLM International Dr Sarah L Pinninty, MBChB Co-founder and trustee
Sundar who directs the charity is married to Sarah, who is working as a doctor and also very involved in the charity. They have three sons, Timothy,8, Isaac,4, and 18 month old Ethan. Together they live in the UK, in the beautiful Peak District, heading up the admin for the charity as well as initiating and overseeing projects in India, and taking substantial, frequent trips to India three to four times a year.


Photo of Phil Hardy. Phil Hardy Trustee.Phil is an elder of our church, works for the Highways Agency, and has a heart for India. He brings his wealth of experience to running the charity and his prayerful contributions to the ministry in India have always been warmly received. Pictured with his wife, Sally.


Photo of Phil and Abby Thomas, Architectural design and illustration. Philip and Abigail Tromans Illustration/design & architectural input.
Phil and Abby are a gifted couple whose skills, ideas and creativity have brought fresh inspiration to the charity. Abby has prepared the plans for the Home of Hope and Phil has prepared 3d images and designed our literature. Their first trip to India is in December 2009.


Photo of Alison Weedon. Alison Weedon Trustee.
Alison works as a nurse, she loves the children in the Home of Hope and is very thoughtful towards them, it's graet to have her on board with her kind heart and caring nature.


Photo of Pastor Graham Hooke and Ruth Hooke, advisors. Graham and Ruth Hooke Senior pastor.
Graham is a senior pastor in the North of England and Ruth leads a choir, Mercy People, who support FLM. They have been to India with us a number of times and continue to contribute in a variety of ways.


Photo of Dave Keegan, Web Designer. Dave Keegan Web designer.
Dave is a member of the Methodist Diaconal Order who has created this website. His wife, Debbie, is a lovely worship singer/song-writer who is selling her CDs with all profits to FLM (you can order some by getting in touch on our contact form).


Home of Hope Carers

Photo of Home of Hope Carers Home of Hope Carers.


FLM India Team

Photo of Rev Swamy Das, Missional Supervisor. Rev Swamy das and Esther Pinninty
Swamy das is pastoring two churches and assists with overseeing FLM projects. He especially has a heart for evangelism and is also very pastoral. His wife, Esther supports him in this and is particularly involved with women's and children's ministry


Photo of Sowmya and Vinodh Sundar B. Sundar and Sowmya
A professional couple are now involved in oversight of the home. Sundar has a background managing another larger charitable organisation and Sowmya is a doctor.


Photo of Ramesh. Ramesh
Ramesh is the Promised land watchman, he looks after the larger site, amongst the tribal villages.


Photo of Vinodh Vinodh
Vinodh looks after the charity vehicle.