Home of Hope

Home of Hope

Home for children and FLM headquarters India.

The Home of Hope was completed in 2013, and provides a loving home for abandoned children. The children we have are developing and thriving. The Home of Hope also provides accommodation on another floor for guests/teams/offices, has a hall for church, training and special events, and acts as an aid distribution centre.

It was on our heart for some years to create a home for children that would be a place of love and safety for little ones that have no other hope. Through a 2 year old girl, whose story of being left wandering the streets to fend for herself moved us to intervene and find a place for her, we came into contact with a government orphanage 2 hours from where we work. For a number of years we helped that government’s home supplying new cots , clothes, bedding, toys for some stimulation, feeding items, toiletries and water filters.

Take a look at some of the photos of the building work on the Home of Hope.

Photo of a baby asleep on the floor.

We are delighted now to have our own facility to care for abandoned children. Each rescued child has a unique and heart-rendering story but each is so precious and we know loved by God.

Photo of a child eating.
We've been able to supply new cots , clothes, bedding, toys for some stimulation, feeding items, toiletries and water filters.

We can't do it alone, but with your help, we can make a life-changing difference to these children's lives, give them a brighter future, and help them to reach their individual potential. Please pray for abandoned children, for them to be protected from danger, for God to rescue them and for us to be able to help them to the best of our ability. If you are able, please also consider giving. You can donate on-line or to give regularly, or pay by cheque, please get in touch.

Opening day of Home of Hope
Photo of a children at Home of Hope
Photo of exterior of Home of Hope
Photo of a room at Home of Hope
Training day
Martha putting baby in a cot
Baby in cot
Baby close up
Hand over of baby
Weighing in a by
Timmy feeding a baby
Praying for a baby
A young boy.
Children playing.