Construction Work on the Home of Hope

Construction in India takes a very personal nature, with us being involved in design, material selection and day to day decisions. We have maintained very close, often daily, communication with those involved, with Sundar’s parents also keeping a close eye on the work.

As we took trips to India in September (Sundar only) and December(the family), it gave us a great sense of satisfaction to see our ideas and instructions come into reality, with the Home looking amazing! We were able to oversee the project, make more specific decisions on site and purchase materials, with great progress being made with wiring and plumbing, commencing flooring with specialist floor layers from north India (7 of them will stay at the Home of hope for a month) and selecting tiles, paints, lighting etc.

Again it will be a challenge to finish off – with the three storeys there is a lot to do, and then there will be fitting it out, but we believe this will be a great place to welcome children into and a great facility for the ministry.

The remaining needs are for electrical fittings, tiles for the ground floor kitchen, colours and paints, railings for the staircase, installing doors and windows, and the final payments for the builder, flooring, carpenter, plumber and electricians. If you are able to contribute that would make a huge difference. Your gift would help us greatly with the final phase of this special building project..

Photo of scaffolding on the exterior.

View of the first floor front balcony and entrance.

Photo of loading the floor stones.

Loading the flooring for transportation.

Photo of tiles in the children bathrooms home.

Colourfull and fun aquarium themed tiles in the children's bathrooms.

Photo of wiring for the children's home.

Arrival of wiring

Photo of part of the exterior.

The outside wall and gates before painting.

Photo of part of the interior.

View of the courtyard.

Photo of part of the building site.

View of the mountain and hill fort, from the roof top.

Photo of workman on the roof.

Workmen tiling the roof tower.

Photo of FLM Hope workman.

'Nirikshana Gruham' meaning 'Home of Hope' in the local language.

Photo of FLM Hope logo.

The FLM fountains logo attractively crafted in steel.

Photo of FLM Hope logo on the wall.

The name and FLM logo on the wall.

Photo of a work on the interior.

Work on the living space (to be lounge/dining areas)

Photo of a work on the interior.

Working on the second floor, hall for conferencing/church.

Photo of a work on the interior.

Work on the interior, the courtyard design lets in light and air.

Photo of a work on the ceiling.

Painting the high ceiling.

Photo of a workmen carving one of the doors.

A skilled workman carving one of the entrance doors.

Photo of the workmen with the FLMHope logo.

Workman fitting the FLM Hope logo in the office.

Photo of the workmen at work.

Painting the window frames.

Photo of the workmen with the floor stones.

Workmen laying the flooring, white stones to keep it cool.

Photo of the work continuing on the Home of Hope.

Continuing to work on floor laying.

Sundar in discussion with members of the team

Sundar (2nd from left) talking with members of the team on the construction site.

Photo showing the empty interior of the building.

One of the rooms inside the site.

Photo showing the exterior of the building and the scaffolding.

Exterior of the site showing the scaffolding.

Workmen working on aceiling.

Workmen working on a ceiling.

A workmen working on aceiling.

A workman working on a ceiling.

Photo of the interior seen from above.

The interior seen from above.

If you wish to support our charity by making a donation you can do so by contacting us direct.